Machining on horizontal boring machines

TOS Varnsdorf WHQ105CNC, a modern, high cutting performance continuous machine. High cutting parameters and a wide range of technological features make this machine ideal for one-off applications or volume production in the most difficult operations. It is used for efficient machining of the cabinet-like parts from different sides, but also for machining of molds and other shape demanded workpieces.


  • Work spindle diameter                                  105 mm
  • Work spindle traverse W                               630 mm
  • Vertical spindle adjustment Y                     1,600 mm
  • Crosswise adjustement of the column X    2,000 mm
  • Automatic toolig change - 40 toolings

 CNC Horizontal boring machine Škoda WH160

  • Table size 2000x2000 mm,
  •  spindle dia. 160 mm,
  • X = 6700 mm, Y = 2800 mm, Z = 1600 mm, B = 0 – 360°

CNC Horizontal boring center Toshiba

  • Table size 1250x1120 mm,
  • Spindle dia. 100mm
  • X = 1595 mm, Y = 1250 mm, Z = 1530 mm, B = 0 – 360°

CNC vertical milling center FANUC

  • Table size 700x300 mm,
  • drilling dia. 30 mm,
  • X = 500 mm, Y = 380 mm, Z = 400 mm

CNC vertical milling center YAM

  • Table size 1200x650 mm,
  • X = 1300 mm, Y = 750 mm, Z = 500 mm

Horizontal boring machine TOS Varnsdorf

  • Table size 1250x1250 mm
  • spindle dia. 100 mm
  • X = 1600 mm, Y = 1450 mm



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