Construction and Mining Machinery

We produce equipment for mining and earthmoving. We maintain the same quality and manufacturing procedures for all equipment and products that we use for producing for oil platforms.  This means we are an ideal partner if you need solutions for use in demanding conditions.

We offer complete production according to plan including hydraulics, electrics and testing. We can work with our customers to jointly develop products.

  • Excavators and loaders
  • Telescopic handlers
  • Supporting structures
  • Bucket welding (steel or aluminium)
  • Clamshell dredges for excavating and mining machinery
  • Handling tools for mechanisms
  • Tracked loaders
  • Different types of containers

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Using the knowledge and experience we have gained working with oil platforms we are able to produce not just components for mining and earthmoving work, but also complete solutions including hydraulic and electrical installation. Our manufacturing processes and quality systems guarantee 100% traceable materials. We offer surface protection not just of part of the structure, but also of all components. Together, these things mean we are a great partner if you are looking for solutions for use in demanding conditions.

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Why SALTEN products are the first choice
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Engineering and Prototyping
Our Engineering and Prototyping Department works every day in a real production environment. This means we can optimise the journey from design through to a functional end product.

Our lean organization, project teams and process management tools give us an unparalleled opportunity to respond flexibly to our customers' needs. This reduces costs on both sides.

Range of Production
We offer not just welded structures but also hydraulic and pneumatic components together with electrical installation, actuators and the programming of operator controls. The entire product is manufactured in our factory.

Production Experience
The highly challenging projects we have undertaken over the last decade have further strengthened the traditional craftsmanship that has been at the core of our business throughout its history.

We are Close to Everywhere
The excellent geographic location of our company means we can offer our European customers the ability to meet us in our premises and be back home within the same working day.

Testing and Certification
We do not strive to be just suppliers of finished products. Our goal is to provide our customers with complete and proven solutions that work and that are ready to operate.

Certificates of Quality

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